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Sunday morning & evening worship – The Church is closed during the national lockdown

Sunday Worship – (by Sue Whittles)                                                                                             (for use at home on Sunday 29th November)

Call to Worship
Come and celebrate the Kingship of Christ
King of Kings, yet servant of all.
Come with your dreams, your longings, your hopes
And all those on your heart today to seek blessing and peace.
King of Glory, King of peace we ask that you would bless us
With spiritual gifts of wisdom and vision, that we may see with your eyes of love
And serve you in al we do. Amen.

Hymn STF 272 From heaven you came ,helpless babe.

Jesus our Saviour, we rejoice that you are a King of compassion, not cruelty
Of peace, not power
Of grace, not greed,
Of humility, not hatred,
Of warmth, not war
Of justice, not jealousy,
Of passion, not power,
And that your kingdom is open to all.
We give you thanks ,loving God for those who have ministered to us in our time of need, those who
have gone that extra mile to help and support us .Those who have listened when we have needed to talk. We are so grateful for their love and care. Strengthen us to follow their example of self giving and compassion.
Forgive us Lord when we have been blind to the needs of others .Forgive us when we have been
slow to take responsibility for our actions. Forgive us when we have been blinkered, indifferent,
silent and selfish.
Forgive us and bless us with the assurance that are sins are forgiven and fill us with your peace and
your love, in Jesus’ name we ask. Amen.

Lord’s Prayer Our Father………………………………

Reading Ezekiel 34 v 11 -24.

Hymn STF 347 Crown Him with many crowns.

Reading Matthew 25 v31 -46.

Loving God, we hear your call on our lives again today. We know the pain of uncertainty in our world today and recognise the need for love and compassion to be shown to those around us.
Help us to answer that call.
Loving God, we know there are so many situations in our world that need kindness and love, so
much cruelty and hostility exists. As we pray for places damaged by war, conflict, unrest and
disagreement over boarders, finances and power. We hear your call to be part of the situation
working for peace and wholeness in all we do.
Help us to answer that call.
Loving God ,we see in Jesus the example of how to respond to brokenness in our world, to sit with
those left behind by society ,to love those who are unloved, to care for those in need. We hear you
inviting us again to be Christ’s hands and feet in 2020.
Loving God, the world seems full of negativity, full of need, full of situations and full of people to
pray for. We thank you for this moment that we can offer to you our silent prayers for people in
situations known to us ……………….
And so Lord we ask your blessing on all the people and situations we have named before you, assure them of your presence and your loving arms around them, that they may know and feel your love and our presence with them.
Empower us and fill us with your Holy Spirit that we go out into our communities and show the love
of Jesus to those around us.
Hear these our prayers for we ask them all in the name of Jesus our living Lord and loving Saviour.
Amen .

Today is Christ the King Sunday. It is the last Sunday of the church year .It is the Sunday we honour
Jesus as the King of our lives, and the King of the world.
The Kingship of Jesus is clearly seen in our gospel reading” When the Son of Man comes in His glory
and all the angels with Him, then He will sit on His glorious throne .Before Him will be gathered all
the nations and He will separate the sheep from the goats, and He will place the sheep on His right
and the goats on His left”.
Jesus speaks of judgement with a story about separating the sheep from the goats. The judgement
will take place when the Son of Man comes in glory Those who fail to see and respond to the needs
of people around them, have failed to see the Son.
The sheep are those who have gone about their lives, treating those in need with compassion, love
and care without a fanfare and without needing to be told.
The surprise shown by the goats is that of those whose complacency is shaken to the core.
“When did we ever see you in need Lord?”
“Why didn’t you tell us it was you?”
A few years ago there was a TV programme called Undercover Boss in which a company boss puts on a disguise and pretends to be a new trainee in order to find out what life is really like for the workers and what they think of the company bosses .When all is revealed at the end of the programme some workers get rewards for their dedication to the job and the care they gave to the new trainee .Some were not so lucky because they have not given that dedication and care .And occasionally someone might say” If I had known who you were I wouldn’t have……… to which came the reply “It should not matter who I am”.
We need to be alongside people expressing and showing a loving, caring concern to others, no
matter who they are. We all need to be accountable for our actions. We will all of us be judged and separated not by the colour of our skin, or the team we supported or even which church we attend, but by the way in which we respond to the needs of others.
In our journey of discipleship we are called to share in God’s mission, actively walking alongside
Jesus in our daily lives to share his unconditional love with those we meet. ”When the Son of Man
comes” Will you ready? Will you be ready for that judgement call?
Does Jesus reign in your heart as King? You know if you are not too sure then go Calvary and stand at the foot of the cross and relive the incidents that took place and understand why Jesus died for each one of us and why he opened the door of heaven for us. Look at your King, look into His eyes, are you ready for that judgement call?
We pray that each one of us may be filled with the love of Jesus, that we may open our hearts to
hear Jesus speaking to us that He may strengthen our hands to serve others and in the quite
moments we may feel the Holy Spirit filling our hearts with His love that we may radiate our faith
our love ,our joy to those around us.
Where the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small
Love so amazing, so divine
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

Hymn STF 287 When I survey the wondrous Cross.

May the meekness of Christ open our eyes.
The kindness of Christ open our hearts.
The faithfulness of Christ open our hands,
That we may live as your servants this day and always,


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