Notices 2018



To prepare ourselves for worship, the peace candle will be lit followed by a short period of silent reflection.

Lord Jesus, you knew the love and care of a mother and on the cross you thought about her and commended her to the care of your most loyal disciples. We pray today for all parents, that you will help them to bring up their children with wisdom and grace, especially in these days when young people are exposed to so many other voices.  We pray that your love will enfold those whose homes have been broken and parents who are bringing up children on their own.  Help us all to know that we are one family in you and bless us today as we worship.  We ask it in your name. Amen.

10.30 am           Mrs CHRISTINE HUGHES – Family & Parade Service

6.00 pm        Rev JOHN HUGHES– sacrament


Monday              12 MARCH

2.00 pm             Daffodil Rally.  Speaker: Mrs Christine Hughes & the Quay Academy School Choir.


Tuesday 13 MARCH

5.45 pm Beaver’s      6.30 pm   Cubs     7.00 pm   Scouts


Wednesday 14 MARCH

12.00 noon Lunch Club.  3 course meal £4.

2.15 pm Afternoon Fellowship. Speaker: Susan Whittles.     6.30 pm Rainbow Guides.


 Thursday 15 MARCH

10.30 am Pastoral Visitors Meeting.

2.00 pm Worship at Applegarth Court.  All welcome.

 6.15 pm Children’s rehearsal for “Showtime”

7.00 pm Adult rehearsal for “Showtime


Friday               16 MARCH

 2.00 pm            Property & Finance Meeting.

6.30 pm             Brownies.            7.00 pm Guides.


Saturday          17 MARCH

 9.30 am            Coffee Morning.

2.15 pm             “Showtime” a concert by members & friends of SJB with proceeds for Church                                                                                                      Funds.Tickets £4, Children £2.


NEXT SUNDAY’S WORSHIP 18 MARCH 2018               

5th week of Lent

10.30 am Rev JOHN HUGHES -sacrament

3.00 pm Worship at Mallard Court Care Home





SATURDAY 24 MARCH at 7.15 pm.

“Showtime” a concert by members and friends of SJB with proceeds for church funds.                                                                                                                         Tickets £4. Child £2.


Brownies & Rainbow Guides have been shortlisted for a public vote in Tesco Bags of Help initiative. Vote for us to win a prize in Store!  You can vote in Bridlington Tesco during the months of March & April to help us secure a Tesco Bags of Help grant.



Boxes are due to be emptied.  Please let Lorna have them.    Thankyou.


Notices to be in by Tuesday’s to Val Emmerson 01262 678242.

Further details of Church Activities and events are available on the SJB Website.


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