Notices 2018


easter eggs



To prepare ourselves for worship, the peace candle will be lit followed by a short period of silent reflection.

Risen Saviour, we greet you on this Easter Day.  Long ago, they went to the tomb ‘ while it was still dark ’.  But with the rising sun came the glorious conviction of your resurrection.  Lord, our lives are often dark with fears and worry.  Come to us in our worship today.  Banish all the gloom and darkness and let our hearts glow with the certainty of your promise,  ‘ Lo, I am with you always ‘.  Amen.


 6.00 am           HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE on the beach near the Expanse Hotel.

10.30 am           Miss LORNA STAVELEY.

 6.00 pm           UNITED SERVICE at SEWERBY.                     


Monday             22 APRIL



 Tuesday 23 APRIL

12.30 pm Lunchtime Concert with Eric Hart (Tenor) & Dorothy Greves.  £5.  A sandwich lunch                                                                                                                        Available from 11.30 am.


Wednesday 24 APRIL

 12.00 noon Lunch Club.

2.15 pm Afternoon Fellowship. Speaker:  Rev Marie Dove.  Leader: Shirley Hardwick.                                                                                                                                      MonthlyStall.


Thursday 25 APRIL

1.30 pm Country Ride.


 Friday             26 APRIL

10.30 am to 12.00 noon   Coffee, Cake & Conversation.


Saturday       27 APRIL

9.00 am           Table Top Sale.

9.30 pm           Coffee Morning.

7.30 pm           Easter 5 Star Brass at Sewerby.  Tickets £5 inc. Light Refreshments.


The Proceeds from the Auction was £663 (split 50:50 for Church Funds & MNDA)




10.30 am Rev JOHN HUGHES-sacrament

 12.15 pm Baptism

 6.00 pm Rev JOHN FISHER


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