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Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2018


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28th Saturday at 9 am               Table Top Sale

29th Sunday at 6 pm                 Easter Offering Service at SJB



1st Tuesday at 12.30 pm            Lunchtime Concert – Philip Paul (Central Methodist Church York)

9th Wednesday at 2.15 pm         Afternoon Fellowship AGM

12th Saturday 9.30 am               Coffee Morning/Big Breakfast

at 2.30 pm                                Wedding of Dugal John McCall & Rachael Louise Barnett

13th Sunday at 12.15 pm            Baptism of Lilly Anne Finch

15th Tuesday at 12.30 pm           Lunchtime Concert – Cyril Clarke & Jim Gilhooley (Tenors)                                                                                                               with Frank James (Piano)

at 7.30 pm             Local Preacher & Worship Leaders meeting at Skipsea

18th Friday at 2 pm                     Property and Finance Committee Meeting

20th Sunday at 10.30 am             Family Friendly/Parade Service

22nd Tuesday at 2 pm                  Fund Raising Meeting

23rd Wednesday at 9.30 am         Coffee Morning supporting Christian Aid

26th Saturday at 9 am                  Table Top Sale

29th Tuesday at 12.30 pm             Lunchtime Concert – Susan Turner (Mezzo Soprano)                                                                                                                                  & Mark Howley



3rd Sunday                                   Gift Day

6th Wednesday at 7.30pm              Charity Concert by Tasmin Little OBE – International Violinist in                                                        support of Yorkshire Cancer Research & East Riding Stroke Team

9th Saturday 9.30 am                     Coffee Morning/Big Breakfast

at 3pm                   Afternoon Social

14th Thursday at 7 pm                    Circuit Meeting at Kilham

15th Friday at 7 pm                         ‘Music for a Summer Evening’ to celebrate 125th Birthday of                                                            the Organ by Dr John Pemberton – Organ Curator, Hull City Hall

16th Saturday at 3 pm                      Concert by The Wesley Singers

125th Birthday of the Organ

19th Tuesday at 2 pm                       Church Council Meeting

21st Thursday at 7 pm                      General Church Meeting

23rd Saturday at 2 pm                      Summer Fair

30th Saturday at 9 am                       Table Top Sale



5th Thursday at 1 pm                         Wedding of Paul Nigel Potkins & Sheena Marie Elliott

8th Sunday at 10.30 am                     134th Church Anniversary Family Friendly/Parade Service

at 6 pm                           Evening worship with Doncaster Wheatsheaf Singers

14th Saturday 9.30 am                        Coffee Morning/Big Breakfast

at 3pm                       Afternoon Social

26th Thursday at 10 am                       Catering Meeting

28th Saturday at 9 am                         Table Top Sale



11th Saturday at 1 pm                         Wedding of Wayne Daniel Clarke & Sarah Kate Hammond

25th Saturday at 9 am                          Table Top Sale

31st Friday at 3 pm                              Wedding of Shaun Broadbent & Kelly Louise Webber



6th Thursday at 7 pm                           Junior Church Council Meeting

14th – 16th                                           Heritage Open Days and Autumn show (15th)

16th Sunday at 10.30 am                      Sunday School Anniversary

18th Tuesday at 7 pm                           Circuit Meeting at Skipsea

23rd Sunday at 10.30 am                      Harvest Services Family Friendly/Parade Service

29th Saturday at 9 am                           Table Top Sale



18th Thursday at 6.30 pm                      Trefoil Guild event

23rd Tuesday at 2 pm                            Church Council Meeting

27th Saturday at 9 am                            Craft Fair/Table Top Sale



2nd-5th Friday/Monday                           Visit of President elect – Revd. Michaela Youngson

17th Saturday at 10 am                          Christmas Fair

24th Saturday at 9 am                            Table Top Sale

30th Friday at 7 pm                                Gala Concert (Longcroft School Gospel Choir, Beverley)



1st – 2nd & 7th – 9th                               Christmas Tree Festival


(List updated 26th April 2018)