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Services/Events at SJB – 2021


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Services/Events at SJB – 2021


3rd Sunday                                       Baptism

4th Monday at 10 am                        Local Preachers and Worship Leaders Meeting

9th Saturday at 2 pm                        Visit by Hull & East Riding Organ Group

13th – 16th at 7 pm                           ‘Northern Girls’ 2021 outdoor event

17th Sunday at 2 pm                         Wedding

24th Sunday at 10.30 am                  Harvest of the Sea Service

27th Wednesday at 12 noon              Lunch Club

31st Sunday                                      Baptism


7th Sunday                                        Baptism

14th Sunday                                      Remembrance Sunday

20th Saturday at 10 am                     Christmas Fair

24th Wednesday at 12 noon              Lunch Club

at 2.30 pm                                      Advent Bible Study 1

27th Saturday                                   Lions Club Christmas lunch for the elderly


1st Wednesday at 2.30 pm               Advent Bible Study 2

3rd -5th; 10th-12th and 17th-19th        Festival of Nativity Scenes

7st Tuesday at 6.30 pm                     District Scout Carol Service

8th Wednesday at 2.30 pm               Advent Bible Study 3

9th Thursday at 4 pm                        Festival of Schools Music Making

11th Saturday at 2 pm                      Cadenza Choir

12th Sunday                                     Baptism

15th Wednesday at 2.30 pm              Advent Bible Study 4

19th Sunday at 10.30am                   Family Carol Service

                        at 4 pm                   Festival Choir Christmas Celebration

24th Friday at 11.30pm                    Christmas Eve Service of Holy Communion

25th Saturday at 11 am                    Christmas Day Service followed by Lunch



Updated 11th October 2021