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Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2018


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Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2018 / 2019       




Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2018 


17th Saturday at 10 am              Christmas Fair

24th Saturday at 9 am                Table Top Sale

22nd Thursday at 11.30 am         Country Ride (Christmas meal)

30th Friday at 7 pm                    Gala Concert with Weighton Waytes &                                                                                                                          Hilderthorpe School Choirs


4th Tuesday at 6.30 pm              Wolds & Coast Scout District Carol Service (Coast area)

5th Wednesday at 10.30 am        Finance and Property Meeting      

1st – 2nd & 7th – 9th                  Christmas Tree Festival (see flyers)

15th Saturday 12 noon to 1 pm Carol Singing in the Town Centre (for Christian Aid)

23rd Sunday at 10.30 am           DIY Nativity

at 6 pm                 Carols ‘Big Sing’

24th Monday at 11,30 pm           Christmas Eve Holy Communion

25th Tuesday at 11 am             Christmas Day Service       



Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2019


Friday 4th January at 2 pm        Wedding


2nd Saturday at 2.15 pm            Showtime Variety Concert

9th Saturday at 7.15 pm            Showtime Variety Concert 

10th Sunday at 10.30 am            Circuit Service – Lesley Newton

16th Saturday at 7 pm                Valentines Quiz

19th Tuesday at 2 pm                  Church Council Meeting

24th Sunday at 10.30 am           Rededication of Youth Leaders



31st Sunday at 10.30 am          Mothering Sunday Family Friendly/Parade Service



1st Monday at 2 pm                   Daffodil Rally

13th Saturday                             Auction to support SJB and MNDA

19th Friday                                 Open-air Good Friday Service in King Street

21st Sunday                                Easter Sunday Services at 6 am; 10.30 am & 6pm

27th Saturday at 9 am                 Table Top Sale



10th Friday at 1.30 pm               Wedding

19th Sunday at 10.30 am            Family Friendly/Parade Service

25th Saturday at 9 am                Table Top Sale



9th Sunday                                Gift Day

16th Sunday                              126th Birthday of the Organ

22nd Saturday at 2 pm              Summer Fair

26th Wednesday at 2 pm            Church Council Meeting



7th Sunday at 10.30 am            135th Church Anniversary Family Friendly/Parade Service

20th Saturday at                       Wedding

27th Saturday at 9 am               Table Top Sale



24th Saturday at                         Wedding

31st Saturday at 9 am                Table Top Sale



13th – 22nd                                   Heritage Open Days 

14th Saturday                               Autumn show

21st Saturday at 3 pm                   Heritage Open Days – Concert by the Wesley Singers TBA

22nd Sunday at 10.30 am              Harvest Services Family Friendly/Parade Service

28th Saturday at 9 am                   Table Top Sale



26th Saturday at 9 am                Table Top Sale

27th Sunday at 10.30 am           Harvest of the Sea Service

29th Tuesday at 2 pm                 Church Council Meeting



23rd Saturday at 10 am            Christmas Fair

30th Saturday at 9 am                Table Top Sale


December                           6th – 8th & 13th – 15th            Christmas Tree Festival TBA


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