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Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2017


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Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2017


1st Wednesday at 3 pm             All Saints’ Day Service of Thanksgiving and Remembrance

11th Saturday at 9.30 am          Big Breakfast (Remembrance Day will be observed at 11 am)

18th Saturday at 10 am             Christmas Fair – stalls, tombola, refreshments                                                                               and seasonal Organ music in the Church by Christopher Too                                                                                                                             (Organ Scholar)

19th Sunday at 12.15 pm          Baptism of Finlay Paul Littlefair

25th Saturday at 9 am              Table Top Sale followed by Bridlington Lions Christmas Lunch

26th Sunday at 12.15 pm          Baptism of Hudson Mark Stuart Cross



1st Friday at 7 pm                    Gala Concert with Beverley Male Voice Choir & Quay                                                                                                                     Academy School Choir

1st – 3rd & 8th – 10th                 Christmas Tree Festival

3rd Sunday at 6 pm                   Candlelit Carol Service

5th Tuesday at 6.30 pm             Bridlington Area District Scout Carol Service

7th Thursday at 7.30 pm           East Coast Churches and Community Festival Chorus presents a                                                                                                   cantata ‘The Glory of Christmas’

9th Saturday at 10 am               Carol singing in support of Christian Aid – Town Centre – all                                                                                                                                        welcome  

10th Sunday at 4.30 pm             Service of CelebrationChristmas Tree Festival

17th Sunday at 10.30 am           Carol Service

                  at 3 pm                  Act of worship at Mallard Care Home

at 6 pm                   United Service (at Kilham)

24th Sunday at 10.30 am            Family Friendly/Parade Service (DIY Nativity)

at 4 pm                   Family Friendly Service (at Sewerby)

                 at 11.30 pm             Christmas Eve Holy Communion

25th Monday at 11 am               Christmas Day Service

at 12 noon                Christmas Day Lunch

31st Sunday at 10.30 am            Morning Worship

at 7.30 pm             New Year’s Eve party followed at 11.30 pm by a Watchnight                                                                                                                                         Service

(List updated 3rd November 2017)


Services/Meetings/Events at SJB – 2018


21st Sunday at 10.30 am            Covenant Service

at 12.15 pm            Baptism of Alby Joseph Greef

25th Thursday at 10 am               Catering Meeting                      



11th Sunday at 10.30 am             Rededication of Youth, Family Friendly/Parade Service

at 12.15 pm            Baptism of Cayson Anthony Jackman

15th Thursday at 7.30 pm            Local Preachers & Worship Leaders Meeting (at Sewerby)

17th Saturday at 7 pm                 Valentines Quiz

20th Tuesday at 2 pm                   Church Council Meeting

21st Wednesday at 7 pm               Circuit Meeting at SJB

23rd Friday at 6.30 pm                 Thinking Day Service-District Guides/Brownies/Rainbows

25th Sunday at 10.30 am               Circuit service – Rev Leslie Newton (at Sewerby)

at 3 pm                      Circuit Service at Sewerby



10th Saturday at 2 pm                   Wedding of Joseph Robert Holmes Cross & Samantha Leanne                                                                                                                                             Cope

11th Sunday at 10.30 am                Mothering Sunday Family Friendly/Parade Service

12th Monday at 2 pm                      Daffodil Rally

17th Saturday at 2.15 pm                Showtime Variety Concert

24th Saturday at 7.15 pm                Showtime Variety Concert

26th Saturday at 9 am                     Table Top Sale



1st Sunday                                      Easter Sunday Services at 6 am; 10.30 am & 6pm

28th Saturday at 9 am                      Table Top Sale



20th Sunday at 10.30 am                  Family Friendly/Parade Service

26th Saturday at 9 am                      Table Top Sale



6th Wednesday at 7.30pm                 Charity Concert – Tasmin Little – International Violinist

10th Sunday                                      Gift Day

14th Thursday at 7 pm                       Circuit Meeting at Kilham

16th Saturday at 3 pm                        Concert by The Wesley Singers &125th Birthday of the                                                                                                                                          Organ

19th Tuesday at 2 pm                         Church Council Meeting

21st Thursday at 7 pm                        General church Meeting

23rd Saturday at 2 pm                       Summer Fair



8th Sunday at 10.30 am                     134th Church Anniversary Family Friendly/Parade Service

at 6 pm                           Evening worship with Doncaster Wheatsheaf Singers

28th Saturday at 9 am                        Table Top Sale



25th Saturday at 9 am                        Table Top Sale



14th – 16th                                         Heritage Open Days and Autumn show (15th)

18th Tuesday at 7 pm                         Circuit Meeting at Skipsea

23rd Sunday at 10.30 am                   Harvest Services Family Friendly/Parade Service

29th Saturday at 9 am                        Table Top Sale



18th Thursday at 6.30 pm                   Trefoil Guild event

23rd Tuesday at 2 pm                         Church Council Meeting

28th Saturday at 9 am                         Table Top Sale



17th Saturday at 10 am                        Christmas Fair

24th Saturday at 9 am                          Table Top Sale

30th Friday at 7 pm                              Gala Concert (Longcroft School Gospel Choir, Beverley)



1st – 2nd & 7th – 9th                             Christmas Tree Festival


(List updated 3rd November 2017