Welcome to St. Johns Burlington Methodist Church   :  

A warm welcome is assured buy any new members coming to St. Johns Burlington, we have a dedicated team of Church Stewards who will give you a warm and friendly welcome.


Keeping the church clean

Every week the church is cleaned using the vacuum cleaner, polish and a lot of elbow grease. All rooms are cleaned after they have been used by a group and the kitchen receives constant cleaning day by day. We are very proud of our church.



Geoff Gregson has been our organist full time for a couple of years, which naturally means he attends both morning and evening Church Services, Christenings, Weddings and Funerals. Geoff learnt to play the piano, but is a self taught organist. Not only is he fully committed to this duty, but Geoff has also been Senior Church Steward for many years. Geoff is a retired Woodwork teacher.





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  1. Alan Beesting says:

    Hello from New Zealand. Delighted to see my parents, Chris and Lesley, on the site web page and impressed with the whole site, and the sense of community displayed.

    I remember with fond memories attending church and 6th Brid scouts at the old Chapel Street site.

    My wife, Masako, daughter, Sayuri-Alexandra, and myself attend the Tawa Union Church, Wellington, NZ (http://tawaunionchurch.org.nz/); multi-denominational, combining the Methodist and Presbyterian churches of New Zealand. A thriving church with a strong community focus, and just the environment to support the development of our young people.

    So our best wishes from the other side of the world.

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