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Sunday Services June 20th –                                                                                                    10.30 am at St John’s Burlington Methodist Church (Revd. John Fisher) and                                     6 pm at St John’s Burlington in the Guild Room (Revd. John Fisher)

Please note: Details of forthcoming worship services at foot of this service.

Sunday Worship – Revd Marie Dove                                                                                                        (for use at home on Sunday 20th June)

Psalm 133: How very good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity! (Silence)
Loving God, meet us wherever we are as we share this service of worship. Enable us to be still to absorb the amazing truth that God, Creator of the universe is ready to meet us right where we are. Then let us pause again to remember those who are sharing this service with us. (Silence)
Creator God, speak to us and help us to listen. Jesus, God with us, enable us to respond to your call, Holy Spirit fill us with the breath of wonder that the Creator, Saviour and Wisdom of the universe meets us with loving understanding, here and now, wherever we are.

Hymn 691
1. What shall our greeting be; sign of our unity? Jesus is Lord! May we no more defend barriers he died to end; give me your hand my friend – one church, one Lord!

2. What is our mission here? He makes his purpose clear; one world, one Lord! Spirit of truth , descend; all our confusions end; give me your hand my friend – Jesus is Lord!

3. He comes to save us now; to serve him is to know life’s true reward. May he our lives amend all our betrayals end; give me your hand , my friend – Jesus is Lord! (Fred Pratt Green 1903-2000)

Prayer, Creator God, in the beginning your word subdued the chaos and, in the fullness of time you sent your Son, Jesus, to rebuke the forces of evil and to make all things new. By that same power transform our fear into faith that we may have courage to follow in the way of your kingdom, through the same Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen
We thank you loving God for accepting us just as and where we are. You know the worst and the best about us and you welcome us with compassion. Help us to welcome others in that same spirit. Amen
The Lord’s Prayer

Hymn 409
1. Let us build a house where love can dwell and all can safely live, a place where saints and children tell how hearts learn to forgive. Built of hopes and dreams and visions, rock of faith and vault of grace; here the love of Christ shall end divisions.                                                            All are welcome, all are welcome, all are welcome in this place.

2.let us build a house where prophets speak, and words are strong and true, where all God’s children dare o seek to dream God’s reign anew. Here the cross shall stand as witness and as symbol of God’s grace; here as one we claim the faith of Jesus. All are welcome

3. Let us build a house where love is found in water, wine and wheat: a banquet hall on holy ground where peace and justice meet. Here the love of God, through Jesus, is revealed in time and space, as we share in Christ the feast that frees us. All are welcome…

4.Let us build a house where hands will reach beyond the wood and stone to heal and strengthen, serve and teach, and live the Word they’ve known. Here the outcast and he stranger bear the image of God’s face; let us bring an end to fear and danger. All are welcome…

5.Let us build a house where all are named, their songs and visions heard and loved and treasured, taught and claimed as words within the Word. Built of tears and cries and laughter, prayers of faith and songs of grace. In this house proclaim from floor to rafter. All are welcome…

Reading Mark 4: 35-41 Jesus stills the storm. On that day, when evening had come, he said to them, “Let us go across to the other side.” Leaving the crowd behind, they took him with them in the boat, just as he was. Other boats were with him. A great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that the boat was already being swamped. He was in the stern, asleep on the cushion; and they woke him up and said to him,” Teacher, do you not care that we are perishing?” He woke up and rebuked the wind, and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” Then the wind ceased and there was a dead calm. He said to them, “Why are you afraid? Have you still no faith?” They were filled with great awe and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and sea obey him?”

Hymn 624                                                                                                                              Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm; still me, Lord, keep me from harm. Let all the tumult within me cease; enfold me, Lord, in your peace.
Calm me, Lord, as you calmed the storm; still me, Lord, keep me from harm. Let all the tumult within me cease; enfold me, Lord, enfold me in your peace. (David Adam b. 1936)

Sermon: We all know the story of the sudden storm on the sea of Galilee. Mark places the incident right after Jesus has been teaching by parables. It is almost as if the event is in itself a parable “an earthly story with a heavenly meaning”.

Jesus has been talking about the way people listen and respond to the word of God. The story of the Sower tells us that those who accept the word gladly become members of the ever- growing realm where God’s way of life is lived. There will be many who fall by the wayside when the going gets tough. Others finding money pressures and the lure of worldly concerns or the fear of persecution or of what others will say or think, may also turn away. Some may want to keep their commitment to the kingdom secret “hiding their light under a bushel”. Yet from its humble beginnings among a small group of faithful followers, prepared to risk all, God’s Kingdom will grow like a mustard seed which was renowned, and in some places banned, for growing so fast and so big.
Then, having finished his teaching session, Jesus sets out in a boat with his disciples, some of whom are hardy, experienced fishermen. The storm that causes such fear must have been something exceptional, not the usual blustery conditions which they have faced before. They cannot believe that Jesus can sleep through it. When they wake him, he calms the storm and asks why they lacked faith.                                                                                                              This event was regarded by the early church as an example of the dangerous situation in which they lived. They lived in desperate times of persecution and needed to work together full of faith, if they were to come through the hazards of daily living. The disciples are steering a dangerous course and working hard to survive. The last thing they need is one of their number failing to pull his weight, leaving all the effort to the rest. This is still a source of irritation among disciples today. There, on the boat, they find Jesus asleep, leaving the hard work to the rest of them and they are appalled at his apparently casual attitude. “Don’t you care that we are perishing?” Jesus reacts by challenging their lack of faith. I guess that might have been the final straw when they were all working their socks off. Then he calmly tells the wind and the sea to be still and they are.
Jesus has solved the problem for all who are in the boat with him and made them ask the vital question, “Who is this man?” They have heard Jesus being accused of being mad or of being in league with the devil but now they experience the powerful hand of God controlling the elements. They are overwhelmed with questions about just who their teacher might be. I remember a chorus,” With Christ in the vessel we can smile at the storm.” Their experience was more profound than that.
Mark mentions that there were other boats that set off and presumably they will have been alarmed and now blessed with peaceful seas and calm wind. This suggests that God’s gifts are for all not just for a privileged few. Even without Christ in their vessel they might come through the storm, perhaps unaware of what he has done. Three points to remember:- 1. The story is a reminder that being part of God’s kingdom can feel a rough ride. It needs committed people ready to cope in tough times. 2. Difficult situations can be made worse when kingdom workers fall out and fail to support each other. The storm in the vessel can be as damaging as the one coming from outside. 3. God’s loving concern is for all the world not just for signed-up Christians. “God so loved the world.” Our job is to share by our words and actions, the good news that those disciples first discovered – the One that even the wind and waves obey is the same One whose love knows no limits, who can steer us safely through life’s difficulties. Thanks be to God for news that is truly good and needs sharing, that whatever challenges may threaten us, we do not face them alone. Best of all is God is with us!

Hymn 629
1. God of my faith, I offer you my doubt, for life at times seems far too dark for me, and my belief becomes more insecure, when worldly cares produce uncertainty.

2. God of my hope, I offer you my fear, when I am scared by my anxiety, when all I hear is suffering and woe, in all my shadows you will walk with me.

3. God of my joy, I offer you my grief, when I sink down in sadness or despair, when in depression I cannot be touched, I pray in all my depths to find you there.

4, God of my love, I offer you my pain, when I’m alone and feel nobody cares In aching age or in rejected youth, you bear my cross and dry my human tears.

5. God of my life, I offer you my dreams, light in the darkness, where I hide from view, light in my faith, my hope, my joy, my love, light in my life and all my life in you. (Colin Ferguson b.1937)

Prayers of intercession.                                                                                                              Let us pray in faith for people today facing situations that look insurmountable. For those suffering from depression and any sickness of mind, body or spirit. Loving God, be with them and with those who care for them and are alongside them in their distress.
For situations of discord wherever people meet, in church, in our own homes, among friends and family. Lord, give us grace not to take ourselves too seriously and to be ready to see the point of view of others.
As people the world over face the turmoil caused by climate change, violence, poverty and sickness. Wake us up to our responsibilities and fill us with compassion and stir us to practical action.
Lord, fill us with faith in your steadfast love for the world so that we help others to believe there is hope. We pray in confidence in the name of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. Amen

Hymn 639
1.Through the love of God our Saviour, all will be well. Free and changeless is his favour; all, all is well. Precious is the blood that healed us, perfect is the grace that sealed is, strong the hand stretched forth to shield us; all must be well.

2. Though we pass through tribulation; all will be well. Christ has purchased full salvation, all, all is well. Happy still in God confiding, fruitful, if in Christ abiding holy, through the Spirit’s guiding; all must be well.

3. We expect a bright tomorrow; all will be well. Faith can sing through days of sorrow, all, all is well. On our Father’s love relying, Jesus every need supplying; then in living and in dying, all must be well. (Mary Peters 1813-1856)

Blessing, peace, laughter and loving be yours the love of a great God who names you and holds you while the earth turns and the seas flow, this day, this night, this moment and for ever, Amen

Sunday Services June 20th – 10.30 am at St John’s Burlington Methodist Church                     (Revd. John Fisher)                                                                                                                    and 6 pm at St John’s Burlington in the Guild Room (Revd. John Fisher)

Sunday Services June 27th – 10 am at Sewerby Methodist Church (in Church) and                     6pm at St John’s Burlington Methodist Church (Revd. Marie Dove)

Saturday July 3rd at 7pm at St John’s Burlington – Anniversary Organ Concert by Jonathan Scott.    Admission £12 (child under 16 free)  Proceeds for NHS and the Church.                                      Current COVID rules will apply at date of Concert.

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