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6th Bridlington Cub Scouts – not meeting at the present time


General Information

The 6th Bridlington Cubs meet every Tuesday Evening from 6.30 – 7.30 p.m. at The Church Hall, St John’s Burlington Methodist Church.  Cubs has its own team of leaders and they are run independently, although there are close links with all the sections in the Group. 

Please contact Sharon Taylor for more information regarding joining etc by emailing  6thbridlingtonscouts@gmail.com.   

Promise & Call

The important underlying values of Scouting are surmised in the Beaver Promise and Law. Each member ‘agrees’ to these values when they are ‘Invested’.

The Cub Promise – I promise that I will do my best

to do my duty to God and to the Queen

To help other people and to keep the Scout Law


During 2014 the cubs have done various activities working towards badges, the groups has grown over the last year.

February – The cubs built model cars, which they propelled along the floor using balloons. They also made pizzas

March – As Easter in coming we made egg baskets, we did an Easter egg hunt round the church hiding choc eggs round giving them maps to find them. More chocolate fun the week after making egg baskets using shredded wheat mixed with chocolate, yummy for all.

We had a visit to The Spa, here we got to see place you wouldn’t see, over the lighting gallery, onto the roof, got to go on the stage. Learning about the old Spa and the New one

April – They had a couple of outings on we went to the fire station, here they got to learn about the fire engines, home safety, why you shouldn’t make hoax calls. The cubs had a go with the hose pipes, the cheeky leaders got to have a go as well.

May – A trip to the police station looking all around, no matter how much some parents tried to bribe us would we leave them there. We saw the cells, interview rooms, control room, they went outside to view the cars and riot vans, where some got into the back to see what it was like to be locked up. (non stayed)

A day orienteering at Sewerby Park, followed by playing in the park.

June – a trip to the coast guard station, dressing up in the kit, looking at the water charts, learning how they use the navigation system they use, learning the various names for the coast. Following the subject of the water theme the Cubs and Scouts went sailing in Hull, they learned how to use the rigging, parts of the dinghy, they took it in turns on how to steer the Dinghy. Followed but a ride in the speed boat.

July – Beavers, Cubs and Scouts joined together to do a sponsored walk for the charity TOFS. http://www.tofs.org.uk/home.aspx they walked from Sewerby Park to The Spa, some of them walked back to Flambrough the groups raised £380.

A evening out at the Lifeboat station, learning about what happens when they have a call out, they walked down to the lifeboat saw the new dinghy they got, for the ones who went dinghy sailing in the June they got presented with their certificates by a member of the lifeboat crew.

A night out at Danes Dyke, where the Beaver Leader Sharon Taylor was invested and presented with a certificate, all the children had fun, not one of them went home clean, even the parents refused them to get in their cars at pickup time until they stripped off.

In the summer holidays the fun doesn’t stop it begins with the summer camp,

Some of the activities done there were tobogganing, climbing, riffle shooting, archery, Frisbee golf, orienteering, night walks and a full day out at the Maritime museum, practiced their cooking skills on the open fire, it’s a knockout, now where did we empty the paddling pool, oh yeah over Sharon Taylors head the Beaver Scout Leader. At the Maritime museum they were shown how to load the canon, they also watched a demonstration of the type of weapons the used.

August – during this month all was still happening, first they went Husky trekking in Scarborough looking around the kennels, learning how to mush, going round the track without the dogs just the sledge then going round with the dogs, after meeting the dogs.

A trip to John Bull rock rolling, lollipop making and eating biscuits. Followed by a trip to Birds of Prey feeding the animals, they even went into the wallaby enclosure to feed them. Watched a demonstration of the owls and eagle flying about. Then went to run around in the play area, onto meeting the small animals getting to hold them.

More fun the cubs and scouts went flying up at Leven Airfield, they got shown around the hangers, learned a bit about the planes before they went up, they took control of the plane, flew over Bridlington so they could see where they live.

Another day out to Mr Moos for a talk about ice-cream followed by a taste of it, then to walk it off so strolled to the beach and back.

September – Start of a new term fun and games again for all, to start the new term a trip to Scarborough Military Adventure park, climbing, tank driving, assault course, laser quest and flight simulator,

Bike ride with sky bike awareness from Sewerby Park to Leisure world and back followed by a visit to the animals then onto the play park.

October – Back Packing at Tesco raising money for the group and charity.

Family camp walking to Skipsea castle, another trip to Mr Moo’s for some yummy ice cream, with a camp fire on the evening followed by a sing song, a few mucky kids we had by the end of the night, on the Sunday visit from the Police Helicopter

Working toward their disability badge the people from Go Kids Go came in, they brought wheelchairs in to let the children have a go in them, they played a game of basketball, tig across the room and did a dance, they were shown how to go up and down curbs, asked and answered questions. Seeing it from a person in a wheels chairs point of view. At the end they were presented with certificates

The Cubs went to The Hub in Hull to help clean up the community centre they slapped a bit of paint on the wall, think they got more on themselves than the wall, the following week they went back to see the opening of the centre by the Lord Major of Hull Mary Grew, they also meet the World Champion Thai Boxer Rachael MacKenzie, a fun day with trampolining, football, bouncy castles, making smoothies, making necklaces and bracelets with beads, met owls, meet the animals from Sam’s Safari which included a Rat, Armadillo, millipede, snake, stick insect and a gecko they either got to touch or hold them.

November – Remembrance parade to remember the fallen ones, at the meeting on the Tuesday we had a volunteer from the British legion come to give all the groups a talk about Remembrance Day and make pictures with poppies.

Up, up and away with the Aliens, ok not quite, they went for a trip to the Observatory learning about the solar system and galaxy’s far, far away, they looked through various telescopes trying to see the stars but was a bit cloudy.

December – the cubs got their singing voices on and went to sing Christmas carols in the residential home near the meeting church, following this was their Christmas party.

To finish of the busy year the Pantomime Sleeping Beauty

January 2015

Starting of the year with a sleepover at The Deep sleeping next to the fish tanks. They got to make T-shirt, masks and drew pictures of what they had seen throughout the evening.

After a sleepless evening the following day was a visit to Dinostar to have a look at the dinosaurs

February 2015

Fun night making cheesecake

March 2015

Fun night for comic relief some of the Scouts dressed up in clown outfits and dunked their faces in spaggetti hoops, other activities were tattoos, guess the cat and dogs names, how many sweets in the jar, making biscuits, masks and pizza making, fun was had by all.

More fun for March, trip to Pets At Home. Got to meet the animal Rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards and the snakes.


A Cub Scout’s Obligations

It is hoped that members of the 6th Bridlington Cub Pack will take an active role in the activities of the Pack.

These will include

Attend meetings unless ill or away

Take part in Church Parades (this is our way of returning the support shown by the Church)

Take part in St. George’s Day Parade in April (St. George is the patron saint of Scouting)

Take part in Remembrance Sunday Parade and service in November

Attend at least two Scouting events during the year

If a Cub has to miss meetings due to any other commitments, they should let one of the leaders know.

A large number of other events are organised for the Cubs throughout the year, and it is hoped that Cubs will attend most, if not all of these events in order to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available.


Other Sections

When a Cub approaches the age of 10.5 they will begin to look towards moving up to the Scout Pack. Initially they will be asked to participate in a 4-6 week transition period where they attend both Cub and Scouts (the Scouts meet in the same hall, each Tuesday from 7.00 – 8.30 p.m.). They will also have to complete certain requirements for their Membership Badge before they can be invested as a Scout. Parents will only be charged one subscription fee during this time. More information is available from the Cub Scout Leader and the Scout Leader.







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  1. wendy says:

    Hi my daughter would like to join cubs in Bridlington, she’s 9, how much would it be?

    • admin says:

      hi, your daughter will be able to start straight away, cubs is held on a tuesday evening at the church and runs between 630 – 8.00, my number is 01262 606781, does she want to start this next tuesday and if she has has friends who would like to join then please feel free to come along, please let me know your decision, thankyou from Paul

  2. Lyn Gent says:

    My daugher is 8yrs old and is very interested in joining your cubs. You can contact me on the above address.

  3. Emma briggs says:

    Hi my son 4 years old and was wonder what age they can start abd how much it is please

  4. Chantelle darby says:

    Hi my son is interested in joining the cubs he will be 9 in December. How do I join him up.
    Thank you.

  5. Rachel Botham says:

    Hi my son is 5 years old how do i sign him him for beavers i live in bridlington and how much is it?

  6. Peter mcseveney says:

    Hi my son Alistair is 9 years old and is interested in joining,what are the joining fees and subs.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter, Please Would you be able to contact Mrs Sharon Taylor (Group Scoup Leader) for the 6th Bridlington Group, We will put Alistair on our waiting list, Sharons number is 07531958921, thankyou, Paul Wilcockson assistant beaver scout leader

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