6th Bridlington Cub Scouts


6th Bridlington Cub Scouts – not meeting at the present time


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  1. wendy says:

    Hi my daughter would like to join cubs in Bridlington, she’s 9, how much would it be?

    • admin says:

      hi, your daughter will be able to start straight away, cubs is held on a tuesday evening at the church and runs between 630 – 8.00, my number is 01262 606781, does she want to start this next tuesday and if she has has friends who would like to join then please feel free to come along, please let me know your decision, thankyou from Paul

  2. Lyn Gent says:

    My daugher is 8yrs old and is very interested in joining your cubs. You can contact me on the above address.

  3. Emma briggs says:

    Hi my son 4 years old and was wonder what age they can start abd how much it is please

  4. Chantelle darby says:

    Hi my son is interested in joining the cubs he will be 9 in December. How do I join him up.
    Thank you.

  5. Rachel Botham says:

    Hi my son is 5 years old how do i sign him him for beavers i live in bridlington and how much is it?

  6. Peter mcseveney says:

    Hi my son Alistair is 9 years old and is interested in joining,what are the joining fees and subs.

    • admin says:

      Hi Peter, Please Would you be able to contact Mrs Sharon Taylor (Group Scoup Leader) for the 6th Bridlington Group, We will put Alistair on our waiting list, Sharons number is 07531958921, thankyou, Paul Wilcockson assistant beaver scout leader

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